Kinky Pattaya Ladyboy In Boots

Nadia is a kinky ladyboy from Pattaya who’s literally down for anything. We shot this grungy set and video in an abandon building that caught fire many years ago. We told her what kind of shoot we wanted to do and this is how she showed up! No kidding. She rode her motor scooter to meet us dressed like this. It was pretty epic.

Her balls are pierced, her pubic hair dyed, her tall black boots are bad ass, and her cock is hard and full of super thick sperm. After teasing the camera with her slender, ripped body, she strokes her cock furiously during the video until her thick jizz shoots from her cock head like an exploding volcano. Based on the load amount, it’s probably safe to say she eats a lot of protein.


Teen Ladyboy Bew

Sweet baby Jesus… would you get a load of this teenage ladyboy stunner from Bangkok?
We shot “Bew” stroking her little teen cock just a few days after her 18th birthday and we can’t wait to shoot her again soon taking a warm load of man cum up her tight little teen butt.


Ladyboy Nay

Asian Shemale Nay

We met Nay literally one day after her 18th birthday four years ago, and she was a tiny, flat chested femboy who was still getting lost wondering around Bangkok. But now look at her… she’s all grown up and 100% all woman. Nay filled out really nice, and her enhanced tits are just the right size. Her little cock is still… little, but don’t let that stop you from falling in love with her or spending the night with her cuddled under your arm after an all night sex session.

If you’re a fan of Nay, or this is your first time seeing her, you’re in for a real treat here. She shyly strokes her little Thai cock, and if that isn’t enough, she is very vocal with a lot of moans as well as some dirty talk where she begs you to fuck her. It’s hot.


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Amy Amour fucks without a condom.Yea, you read that right. Ladyboy Amy gives up her raw ass to Allen in what is without a doubt her hottest, kinkiest, and downright filthiest scene ever. And it’s only at

Amy really goes over the top in this incredible scene, and the heat is non stop. She does a lot of ass to mouth and takes a serious ass pounding, but what I think is the hottest part is where she blows her load all over the camera lens while getting fucked doggie style, then licks the lens clean. It’s incredible. After she blows her load, Allen shoots a few squirts of his jizz on her balls, then drives his cock back inside of her and unloads a deep creampie where it belongs, right up her poop shoot.

I’ve shot Amy a lot over the years and am comfortable saying this is her best scene. In fact, I’ll go a step further and say this is one of the best ladyboy fuck scenes ever shot in Thailand. Seriously.

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